Month: May 2016

‘Named Person’ meeting

Named Person posterWhat: ‘Named Person’ meeting
When: 7pm, Thursday 12 May
Where: Breadalbane Community Campus
Who: All parents and carers

This coming Thursday, 12 May 2016, the school and parent council will hold a parent council meeting specifically to discuss the Scottish Government’s ‘Named Person’ policy.

From August this year, every child in Scotland will have a Named Person, usually a teacher for school kids or health visitor for younger kids. According to the government, this person is simply a single point of contact.

Critics of the policy say that the Named Person has far greater powers to intervene in family life than any teacher did before — for instance, that they can access your family’s medical records, even if your child isn’t classed as being ‘at risk’.

The meeting this Thursday is our chance to find out what Named Person really means for us and how it will work at Breadalbane Academy. Attending we will have:

  • Senior staff from Breadalbane Academy
  • Lesley Scott, a member of the No2NP campaign group opposing Named Person.
  • Anne Dalziel, who is responsible for implementing Named Person across Perth and Kinross.

If you have questions about Named Person, or you’ve never heard of it and this is all a bit of a surprise, then this is your chance to find out what’s what.

We hope to see you there: 7pm, next Thursday (12 May), Breadalbane Community Campus.