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Find out about advice, events, and other useful resources to help your child apply for and prepare for a place at university.

University Admissions Evening 2017

What: University admissions open evening
When: 6:30pm, Tuesday 14 March, 2017
Where: Breadalbane Community Campus
Who: All parents, carers, and pupils are welcome

Are you or your child thinking of going to college or university? Come along to the Breadalbane Academy University Admissions Evening 2017 to speak to representatives from some of Scotland’s top universities.

This is your chance to ask the experts:

  • How to maximise your chances of getting into the course you want.
  • What universities are really looking for in a personal statement.
  • How to make the best use of a gap year.

And anything else to do with the university admissions process.

The event will start with a panel discussion, ranging widely over all topics to do with university admissions. There will then be an open Q&A, with the chance for everyone to ask questions.

The panel will consist of representatives from Skills Scotland, Breadalbane Academy guidance department, and the universities of the Highlands and Islands, St Andrews, Dundee, and Strathclyde.

Everyone’s welcome at the event but it will be particularly useful to families with pupils in S1 to S3. Please share this post with everyone you know who has a child at Breadalbane.

We look forward to seeing you on the night!


University admissions open evening agenda



What: University admissions open evening
When: 6:30pm, Tuesday 5 May, 2015
Where: Breadalbane Community Campus
Who: Open to parents and pupils

The programme for the university admissions open evening, on Tuesday 5 May, is as follows:

  • A chaired panel discussion, with speakers discussing questions submitted by parents and pupils in advance.
  • An open Q&A, giving parents and pupils the chance to ask questions directly
  • Informal one-to-one questions and discussion over tea and coffee.

Confirmed speakers at the event are:

  • John Devine, Quality Improvement Officer, Perth and Kinross Council.
  • Isabel Millar, CfE Support Manager, Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).
  • John Lewis, Higher Education Liaison Officer, Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).
  • Ali Clark, UK/EU Student Recruitment Manager for the University of Dundee
  • Louise Irving, Student Recruitment department of Abertay University
  • Ryan Duncan, Senior Student Recruitment Officer, University of Edinburgh.
  • Gemma Harlow, Senior Education Liaison Officer, University of St Andrews.
  • Jason O’Flynn, Perth and Kinross representative on the National Parent Forum.
  • Stephanie Cameron, Training Manager, Scottish and Southern Energy
  • Yvonne Benning, guidance teacher, Breadalbane Academy.

The event is aimed at pupils who are in the senior phase, or about to go into it, and their parents. It’s open to pupils and parents from both Breadalbane Academy and Pitlochry High School.

For more information, email

Thanks to Alice for making her photo available under a Creative Commons licence. 

University admissions open evening

Let us know your questions about getting into uni.

Let us know your questions about getting into uni.

What: University-admissions open evening
When: 6:30pm, Tuesday 5 May, 2015
Who: Open to parents and pupils

We need your help. Working with the school, we’re organising an open evening about university admissions, with a panel of experts to answer your questions about how to get into, and prepare for, university.

What we need from you, is to know what questions you want answered. Knowing this will help us get the right experts on the panel — the ones with the answers you need.

So tell us, what are your questions? Here are a few examples to get your started:

  1. Are there any grants my child qualifies for and how do we apply?
  2. Do universities admissions departments understand the new CfE qualifications?
  3. How can my child write the best possible personal statement?

Let us know your questions, either by commenting on this post or by emailing

Thanks to Alice for making her photo available under a Creative Commons licence. 

£2,500 to study accountancy

Study accountancy the boss can't tell the accountant there's no money for a raise.

Study accountancy: because the boss can’t tell the company accountant there’s no money for a raise.

If your child wants to study accountancy or finance at university, but is worried about the cost of studying, the Institute of Chartered Accountants Scotland (ICAS) wants to help. Every year, ICAS gives accountancy students bursaries of up to £2,500. To qualify, the student must have been awarded a Young Student Bursary by the Scottish Government and his or her parents’ combined income must be less than £34,000 a year.

To see if you or your child qualifies for a bursary, and find out how to apply, click on this link:

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