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2017/2018 Parent Council Meeting DATES

DATES for your diary…

2017/2018 Parent Council Meeting dates

come to one – come to all –
JOIN US and hear what is happening in your school
Have your say in what you want to be happening
and help Breadalbane Academy on this wonderful path of success


(these are proposed dates so please check regularly for updates and confirmation on location.
Usual meeting location is Breadalbane Campus but this may change for certain meetings)


50/50 club is one way the Parent Council raises money for the school.

You buy a ball for £2 (you can buy more than one). £1 goes to the Parent Council, and the other £1 goes to the monthly 50/50 draw.

Signing up is sooo easy. You set up a Standing Order to the Friends of Breadalbane bank account, for more details contact

What parents really think about school communications

In May 2015 the school and parent council decided to work together, to ask parents what they thought of school communications: what was working, what wasn’t, and how they’d like the school to communicate with them in the future.

We ran the survey during the first two weeks in October. 17% of parents took part; enough for us to be confident that the survey properly represents parents’ views. This is what you told us.

A mixed experience

The survey asked parents to rate various aspects of school communications — for instance, whether the school kept them up to date on their child’s learning, whether the parents felt well informed about school events, and so on — on a scale of 1 to 6, in which 1 was good and 6 was bad.

Almost all of the answers clustered around the midway mark, indication of an experience that was neither particularly good nor particularly bad. However, when asked if they were satisfied with school communications, 70% of respondents said they were either dissatisfied or very dissatisfied.

What parents want

In the survey, we asked parents how they would like the school to communicate with them in future, asking them to choose what they thought were the three best means of communication for the school.

Nearly 80% of respondents chose Group-call texts, over 70% wanted the school to use email more, and just under 50% said the school website was an important means of communication. Bucking the digital trend, around 65% of parents wanted the school to carry on using letters and forms sent home with their children. Almost no one liked Twitter, with fewer than 5% of respondents saying they thought it would be useful in future communications.

What next?

Under the new management, the school has started work to improve communications, producing a regular newsletter. The parent council has formed a communications subgroup; composed of the team who ran the survey and representatives from nursery, primary, secondary, Gaelic Medium and parents of children with additional support needs.

This group is working with the school management team and will help the school with the drafting of a communications strategy. When the strategy is ready, it will be made available for parents to read and comment upon. We’ll post further news on the communications strategy to this website.

Thank you

Running this survey and collating the results has taken over half a year. During this time, the school’s senior management team has been commendably open minded in taking on board criticism and new ideas and has dedicated a lot of time and resources to working with the parent council. We thank them.

Thank you, too, to you — the parents who’ve taken the time to complete the survey, to contribute to meetings or to give us your input and ideas in other ways. Keep it coming!

You can download the full communications report from our website. If you want to provide input to the communications group, as it draws up the strategy, email

Final reminder: university admissions open evening next Tuesday

Graduated!What: University admissions open evening
When: 6:30pm, Tuesday 5 May, 2015
Where: Breadalbane Community Campus
Who: Open to parents and pupils

Don’t miss the university admissions open evening at Breadalbane Academy. Come along at 6:30pm, next Tuesday (5 May). It’s your chance to talk to school guidance teachers, university admissions officers, SQA representatives, PKC education department, and other experts.

The evening will start with a panel discussion, move on to an open Q & A and then finish with a chance to meet the speakers over a tea or coffee. Parents have been great about submitting questions in advance, but we still want to hear from you.

What do you want to know about how to prepare and apply for university? Questions so far include:

  • If ‘five Highers in one sitting’ is no longer going to be the norm, what’s the new “gold standard” for courses such as law and medicine?
  • Do children whose schools offer 6 or more Nat 5 subjects have an advantage over kids from schools that only offer 5?
  • What makes a good personal statement? With competition for some courses so fierce, what do pupils have to do in order to stand out from the crowd?

What questions would you add?

The event isn’t just for S5 and S6 pupils and their parents. It’s open to any parents and older pupils who are interested in finding out how the university admissions system works, and is changing. Pitlochry pupils and parents are also welcome.

Fare increase on Bankfoot 823 bus

From Tuesday 21 April 2015, fares on the 823 from Bankfoot go up

From Tuesday 21 April 2015, fares on the 823 from Bankfoot go up

From the Tuesday 21 April 2015, the first day back after Easter, child fares on the 823 bus from Bankfoot to Aberfeldy will rise to £3.15 for a single ticket and £5.80 for a day return. The 10-journey ticket will cost £25.20.

For a full list of fares, along with clarifying notes from the council’s transport department, download the PKC handout using the button below.

Get the full list of fares