Parent Council goals for 2022

The following are proposed goals for Breadalbane Academy Parent Council (BAPC) in the 2021-22 academic year.

  1. Work with the school, parents and pupils to identify any attainment gaps which have opened up, or widened, as a result of lockdown and then support the school and pupils to close those gaps.
  2. Work with the school, parents, pupils and local road-safety activists to identify any scope for improvement in road safety at the campus; to identify any extra resources the school could use to improve road safety; and help the school acquire these resources.
  3. Work with the school, PKC and the Highland Perthshire Learning Partnership (HPLP) to identify and eliminate any bottlenecks in school network performance.
  4. Work with the school; pupils and parents to identify unmet needs, for instance pastoral and support needs, arising from lockdown and then to address these needs.
    • To include renewed liaison and listening exercises with sub-groups and affiliated groups such as the ASN Parents Group and Comann nam Pàrant.
    • Work with the mental health and wellbeing group to understand the extent of problems such as bullying, what the school is doing now (policies, practices etc) and if there are other things it and we should be doing?
  5. Identify areas in which the parent council can productively spend its available funds to support pupil experience, attainment, and personal development.
  6. Work with the school, parents and pupils to identify groups of pupils, for instance pupils with additional support needs, who may not be fully included in the life of the school, to ascertain the extent and causes of exclusion, and then to develop policies and practices to increase inclusion.
  7. Revive the parent council’s fundraising arm, to replace funds as we spend them.
    • Ensure that our fundraising volunteers, including the Friends of Breadalbane, have the skills, qualifications and support they need to succeed.
  8. Build links to Pitlochry High School and other associated schools, to help improve transition and pupil experience.

PLEASE NOTE: this is a draft document — created on 7 January 2022 — designed to stimulate discussion. If you think there’s something we have missed, please email us at

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