November 2022 agenda

Breadalbane Academy Parent Council Meeting

Tuesday 29 November

6:30pm – 8:30pm


The meeting will take place in the school. 

We’ll also provide online access for those who want it, using the Microsoft Teams platform. Here’s the Teams link:

Click here to join the meeting

  1. Welcome, introductions & apologies
  2. Matters arising from the October 2022 meeting
  3. Headteacher’s report
  4. Update on planned Validated Self-Evaluation (VSE)
  5. Participation in sports and sporting events
  6. Changes to the parent-council constitution
  7. Time & date of next meeting

Please note: the time and date of the next meeting after this one is 6:30pm, Wednesday 25 January, 2023. There is no meeting in December.

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