2015 AGM agenda

What: Parent Council AGM
6:30pm Thursday 28th May
Breadalbane Community Campus
All welcome!

1. Introductions & apologies.
2. Matters arising.
3. Presentation by Comann nam Pàrant on Gaelic Medium Education.
4. Approve the minutes of the last AGM.
5. Chair’s report & treasurer’s report.
6. Update from parent council groups & projects (FOG, ASN, parent reps etc.).
7. Election of office holders & agree dates for next year’s meetings.
8. July 1 Family Fun Day at the Ailean Chraggan. Alison Steele to present.
9. Proposed goals & projects for 2015/16.
10. Planned 2015/16 communications survey.
11. University admissions evening — feedback & evaluation.
12. Change to PC constitution (to make it easier to be a member).
13. AOCB.
14. Date and time of next meeting.

You still have a chance to add items to the agenda. Just email us at contact@breadalbaneparents.com.

Download this agenda as a PDF.

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