University admissions open evening

Let us know your questions about getting into uni.

Let us know your questions about getting into uni.

What: University-admissions open evening
When: 6:30pm, Tuesday 5 May, 2015
Who: Open to parents and pupils

We need your help. Working with the school, we’re organising an open evening about university admissions, with a panel of experts to answer your questions about how to get into, and prepare for, university.

What we need from you, is to know what questions you want answered. Knowing this will help us get the right experts on the panel — the ones with the answers you need.

So tell us, what are your questions? Here are a few examples to get your started:

  1. Are there any grants my child qualifies for and how do we apply?
  2. Do universities admissions departments understand the new CfE qualifications?
  3. How can my child write the best possible personal statement?

Let us know your questions, either by commenting on this post or by emailing

Thanks to Alice for making her photo available under a Creative Commons licence. 

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